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About Michael

Based in Aberdeenshire, Michael is a fully qualified and insured performance coach (BHSI) and UKCC level 3 coach, competing nationally at small tour level.

Throughout his career Michael has trained with some of Britain's most renowned trainers such as Carl Hester and Gareth Hughes.

He attained his BHSII by the age of 19 and his BHSI by age 24. 


Now a freelance coach and rider, working with all levels of ability from grassroots to elite level, having clients that stretch across the United Kingdom. Previously he was the Student Development Manager at the prestigious Talland school of Equitation having trained many students to BHSI level and international competition, including the under 21 Asian and international Junior and Young Rider level.

Passionate in complete horsemanship with the desire to help you achieve your goals and your full potential with a sympathetic approach

My Training Philosophy

The reason I coach is to inspire participants into pursuing a lifelong learning journey leading to the ultimate goal, that is horsemanship.

One of my core beliefs is to keep the ‘happy athlete’ at the heart of everything I do. Both horse and rider should enjoy the sport as well as reaching their full potential. I believe all participants should be treated with honesty and fairness, and to me this is a fundamental aspect to ensuring that they reach their goals. 


Equestrianism is a unique sport as it is working with two living beings - two hearts, two minds. Therefore, the main focus needs to be on the horse and rider as a combination rather than as individuals. Our sport has developed from a passion for horsemanship, and to me that must stay at the core of all we do. My aim is to inspire and create a future generation of athletes who strive to perform at the best of their abilities, while learning true horsemanship. 


Any queries or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!


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